Friday, August 12, 2011

It's all about hair

My recent haircare :)
I don't like annoying hair. So when I saw these products, I thouhgt, OK,  Let's give it a try. 
First,  Hairtec Thick and Strong Shampoo
The first time I tried it, I noticed it gave my hair volume and it wasn't so flat throughout the day.
And it also kept it nice, silky and smooth. ^^ ... the best shampoo I ever had !!!

HENNA Hair Treatment
It's heavy conditioners that just pull your hair down making it flat :) but it does do it's job

Misha Procure 365 Hair Mist
Anyway, this is something very very pretty smelling and it in turn would make your hair very very pretty smelling. But the thing about the scent is that it doesn't last long. (At least on me). I get around an hour tops, which is kinda a pity since it's rather awesome.

Intense Hair Tonic
It's OK....the only problem I have with it is the smell. Smells so strong. Sometimes I feel it smells like 'urine'

BioTouch Extra Rich Conditioner
I am not new to this brand - Wella. And I am really happy with the effect it shows on my hair :) Recently I got the Wella BioTouch Extra Rich Conditioner
Highly recommended if you have thick long hair that is sometimes flat and gets dry especially at the end of the day.
Give this a try. ^^ Hope you like it.

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