Saturday, October 29, 2011

Biokos - White 'n Clear Silky White Moisturizer

I've already finished my daily moisturizer ( usually korean product ) i bought this one for 'emergency' :)
Biokos - White 'n Clear Silky White Moisturizer
Moisturizer with double anti-oxidants and sunscreen (UV A & UV-B) that protects the skin from adverse environmental influences at once brighten the skin.
you need this product if...
you want to give your skin a drink of water, not a cup of oil
your skin is normal with a traditional t-zone
your skin is sallow and you want it to be more rosy
you like a moisturizer that is lightweight and non-greasy


Pro :
- it DID help brighten my complexion
- it absorbs quickly in the skin.
- has no smell.
- it is not sticky.
- it hydrates my skin quite well.
- a little goes a long way.
Overall, this product is just ok, nothing special, and ....i'll repurchase, it's really cheap hahaha... IDR 30.000

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  1. mind to share where did u purchase this one?