Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BIOKOS Botu Like Serum + Dewi Srispa + Hoyu + LT Pro

These days I am very very super hesitated to buy stuff/makeup randomly. I am constantly afraid to own so much stuff. It would be a pain in the butt when it comes to moving around.

Anyhow, today i need to make myself happy ??? (actually I cant name other reasons lol I tend to buy things just for fun though its entirely against my life theory), I went to Candra and bought some stuff that I really really like. These are things I am definitely going to keep for a long time. 

Here are what I bought as shown in pictures :
  • BIOKOS Botu Like Serum by Martha Tilaar ( this is actually the only reason i went to Candra ) IDR 138.200
  • Hoyu Conditioner ( too cheap for this good quality conditioner ) IDR 31.500
  • Dewi Srispa body lotion ( very recommended..not sticky and smells refreshing ) IDR 62.500
  • Dewi Srispa body scrub ( not yet used ) IDR 82.500
  • LT Pro eye shadow (not the best eyeshadow quality... it doesn't feel smooth to the touch, (yet it does to the look) IDR 75.000
I am too lazy to give detail reviews on each of the product.
More reviews will be posted soon, I promise!

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