Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aqua In Dream

Aqua in Dream DN Essence by Dr CiLaBo
The packaging is pretty, the product is wonderful but the price $SGD 90. It's cheaper than SK II but I think it's much better on me :)

I used it twice in one day (I don't know, I was just having fun rubbing to feel my healthy skin) and each time I could feel a difference. Your skin will get considerably softer and more moisturized so I won't recommend you using it twice a day -.-

with indicator on the back of the bottle
It's an essence that hydrates and nourishes your skin and it's meant to be used as the first step of your skincare regime.
Super wonderful ingredients

A lot of moisture is contained in such a small amount of product. It has a light texture and it's so smooth and silky.
All I need is a teeny teeny bit, and then I rub it between my palms and dab it on my face.
Even though I use a small amount, when I rub it, it gets more fluid and light and then it goes onto my face with the perfect texture.
And though the size of this is kinda small (it's only 50 ml), I use so little each time, it's definitely going to last a while. ^^

Wanna try???

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