Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zelan Vital Eyeliner

Ecosway had a new product this month....cream eyeliner. It's only 110,000 IDR for 3 pcs...a pretty good price (on promo). I got it in black.
Let's see how it work ...

Made in Taiwan !!!

comes with brush but it is not easy to apply when you need to get a nice precise line. The cream is too watery and hardly dry.

I did like the color, but it is unfortunate that the makeup does not wear as long as promised.
It is important for my eyeliner to last as long as possible and perform under difficult conditions. I simply don't have the time or ability to sneak away into the bathroom every hour and refresh my makeup.
It's still OK when I flush it with water. Just don't rub your eyes LOL ....

However, I would not re-purchase this as I would rather just get something else that I don't have to struggle with to stay on or give me a continuous even line of color.

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