Monday, April 16, 2012

My Hotel Experience, Grand Candi Semarang

Yap ! Libur paskah tepatnya, daripada bengong di rumah....nginep hotel yuuuk
Hahaha so much fun :)


  1. I'm dazzled by your colorful hotel room. Kids would absolutely love this kind of room. I love the native mural in the bedroom - it brings more life to the colorful room, and it adds a sense of sophistication to the space. This is definitely a world class hotel.

    1. Absolutely, Javis! Kids do love colorful stuff. With that in mind, you can come up with almost unlimited room decor ideas for your kid's room, just in case he or you want it renovated. Adding color to your living room is a bit like entering a new relationship, you know. It's somewhat exciting.

  2. I love how the photos captured the amazing features of Grand Candi! The room is just perfect for people who want to relax in peace and quiet. Looking at the photos, I can tell that the hotel places a high standard when it comes to giving their guests an amazing experience. It can definitely be called a world class hotel.