Friday, March 23, 2012

Indulgence Cakes

Get these delicious cakes !!!

At Indulgence...French Modern Pastry

Opera An elaborate almond sponge cake with a coffe and chocolate filling and icing

New York Cheese Unlike ordinary cheesecake, it have airy lightness texture that give warm feeling

Tiramisu Layer of finger sponge soaked in rum coffee syrup with light mascarpone mousse *

Mango Gateu A smooth mango filled with freah mangoes in vanilla sponge layer

Nuts About Chocolate A rich cruchy cake that filled with rum raisin, almond and biscuits *

The other cakes they have ...
Espresso Buzz White chocolate coffee mousse layered with plain sponge and lucious mocha mousse on a scrumptions coffee biscuit base *
Chocoholic A meltingly smooth, dense and rich chocolate fudge cake
Pralinette Praline mousse sandwich with dark chocolate mousse and moist choc sponge *
Coockies and Cream Sweet cream filled with crunchy biscuit layered with milk chocolate mousse
Pink Lady Delicious strawberry mousse layer with soft chiffon sponge and filler with mix berries on a crunchy base
Fruit Punch Flavourfull cake filled with passion fruit mousse, fresh mango and strawberry
Apple Cinnamon Apple panacota esconted in cinnamon bavarian mousse
Fraisler Chantily cream with fresh strawberries between genoise layer and top with rum vanilla custard
Oreo Cheesecake Combination of cream cheese with oreo cookies that give crunchyness inside the cake

They have cookies and cupcakes too
Grab it fast !!!

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